Alan Boreham is an experienced sailor who began his offshore sailing adventures in 1982 on a training cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii aboard the sailing yacht Second Chance.  From there he was recruited to join a delivery crew in the sweltering heat of Pago Pago that included his future co-authors of Beer In The Bilges, the memoirs of their further adventures in the South Pacific. Beer in the Bilges, Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific is published by iUniverse and available at

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One of these was the captain of the yacht, “Hollywood” Bob Rossiter, an imposing New Zealander with a history of life on the sea.  He had just finished sailing with Hal Holbrook from Marina del Rey to New Zealand.

The other was Peter Jinks, a woolly mopped Aussie and veteran traveller who had left England at the age of 16 and been on the move ever since, working just long enough to fund his next adventure. Peter had arrived aboard the classic yacht they were to deliver, the Ron of Argyll, en route from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Two If By Sea brought Alan together again with his friends to write this novel. Their sailing and travel experiences along with their vivid imaginations and good humor served them well in writing about an avian influenza outbreak that begins in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics and the struggle of the villagers on a remote atoll in the vast Cook Island archipelago to protect their little paradise from people fleeing the global pandemic.

The three authors are currently working on a second book of memoirs and a follow up to Two If By Sea that takes Jack Becker to America, the middle east, and the former communist block of Europe.